A Few Search Engine Optimisation Questions and Answers

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation and is a term used to increase the ranking position of a website or websites to appear higher on the search engines. This includes onpage and offpage techniques. Here are a few of the most popular questions I have been asked or have just thought up!

Steve Dawson SEO Services BlackpoolWhy should I choose you to manage my website's SEO?

You dont have to but it would be nice if you would consider me! There are many companies that offer SEO services some good some not so good and its a bit of a mine field deciding who to choose. You could go down the route of paying for cheap SEO work to be performed on your website and mass link building but this could have a detrimental effect and could cause your rankings to tank. If you don't choose me, make sure you have fully researched the company you do decide on, after all your website is your companies shop window to the world and prospective new business opportunities/customers and should be treated as such.

But.. as a one man company I have limited spaces for new companies to work with and can not always be of assistance, so please feel free to drop me an email if you have any questions.

Website not getting any VisitorsWhy am I Getting no Visitors to My Site?

If you are getting no visitors at all, then there is something very wrong! The chances are that your site is either very new and has not been indexed in any search engines. It quite easy to remedy this and get your website indexed and crawled.

Number one ranking position on GoogleCan my website be listed at the dizzy heights of number one?

This all depends on the type of website and the market you are targeting, but in short, someone has to be at the number one slot and there is no reason why it could not be you.. but being numero uno is not always a good thing.

Different SEO TechniquesWhat SEO techniques do you use?

Lots of different ones as SEO covers a huge area and lots of little subtle changes to a website can increase its rankings.

Blog Posting Directory Submissions and Article SubmissionsDo you do blog posting/directory submission and article submissions?

Haha.. No and I think you are in the wrong place if you need to ask me this and I guess you have not read my about me profile yet, so mosey on over and have a read and make your own mind up. Mass directory/blog/article spun submissions are not a good idea for any website.

SEO Link Building and Link BaitIs link building a thing of the past?

Link building will always be a big part of SEO, regardless of what you may have read.. links make the web go round.. always have and always will. That said, however it is just one small part in getting a website a high ranking, lots of other factors are involved.

Onsite SEO ConsultantDo you work onsite or offsite?

Both option are available and I currently work onsite for current clients so onsite work may be limited to new clients and based on location area.

SEO Client ListWhat if my website niche is the same as a current client of yours?

In this case, I would not be able to take you on as a client as it would be a conflict of interest between clients, sorry about that but I will make this very clear at the outset if there could be a conflict of clients.

SEO Niche MarketsAre there any target markets you will not work with?

Yes, due to a few principles I have, if you run a payday loans, gaming, pharma or adult website then I would not be able to help unfortunately .. other than that I will be be happy to assist if I can.

SEO Price GuideWhat prices do you charge for SEO?

Prices vary due to the nature, target market and size of website that needs my help. Generally its an hourly fee for implementing the onpage modifications, then a fixed monthly retainment fee for ongoing work requirements.

SEO Non Disclosure AgreementWill you sign a nondisclosure agreement before work commences?

Yes I am more than happy to sign a nondisclosure agreement, but I will be reading it before I sign it!

SEO Audit ReportsWhat reports do you send to clients?

I don't, as using software to determine ranking positions/keyword checking is against google guidelines and therefore ranking reports will be too labour-some to complete by manual checking (but I can do them, if requested). Google offers its own keyword software to monitor average ranking position and keyword monitoring, called Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics. This will be used for this purpose under your own account so you have full access to all data at all times.

Cheap SEO Consultant - Not!Are you a cheap SEO'er?

Haha - I have been called a lot of things but never cheap and I can assure you I am not a cheap and cheerful SEO'er! Cheerful maybe ...seriously though; I offer an excellent service for an excellent price and based on client feedback we are all happy.

Long Term Search Engine Optimisation ResultsHow long will it be before results can be seen?

It could be a few days to a few weeks or even a few months, it all depends on the website in question as 'aged' website domains will have a better link profile (if they have not been spamming) and index profile rather than a new website domain which could have an inflated ranking position due to the 'honeymoon' period.

Suffer from a Google PenaltyMy website has a Google Penalty, can you help me?

It depends on the type of penalty applied, but the generally the answer is yes anyway but I would need further information on the type of penalty applied to your website, so its best to send me the information using my contact details or you can have a read of the specific Google Penalty section I created.

Negative SEO AttackCan you help with Negative SEO attacks?

You will find that negative seo is a term used which does not imply its full meaning. Most webmasters jump to the conclusion that a competitor has built links to their website for the sole purpose of decreasing the rankings of said website, when it could be that you or a company you employed to do SEO on your website placed the links sometime in the past yourself and the search engine robots have just started to find the links and follow them, but back to the question, yes I can help and don’t be too surprised if I shoot down your Negative SEO theory down in flames!

PPC Account ManagementCan you handle my Pay Per Click (PPC) account?

No, sorry I only do organic listings and not paid/ppc (pay per click) account management