SEO Audit

SEO Website Audit for Compliancy

As I do not offer a 'cheap' blog and article spamming based service (cheap is not good in SEO, incase you did not know!) so you might want to see if I can find ways to improve your website rankings on the search engines. I have put together an SEO Audit Plan so that you can see (as well as me) if its of benefit in hiring me as your SEO for a small outlay.

This SEO Audit covers all the major and a few un-major items which could be attributed to a ranking position.

I don't work for free and I do not offer a free SEO Audit just to get your custom. Each audit I perform is developed manually based on a set criteria, however dead links and backlink checking is performed using software but this is just a small part of the audit, there is more to Google than links!. Depending on the size of the website to audit it can take upto a few hours to develop, which is why I value my time and why the audit is chargeable.

The sections and information contained in the audit may differ from the standard content audit itinerary depending on the type of website being audited.

If you are unsure whether you need an audit, please contact me with your website url and I will take a quick look, otherwise the SEO Audit will be delivered in PDF downloadable format. After purchase I will email you with a timescale when the report will be completed.