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Creating a Blog to Boost Search Engine Exposure

Creating a Blog to Boost Search Engine Exposure

Blogs are a great way to get information about your company and website out there, like my blog you're reading now but.. and its a big but it needs to be done right

Here are a few do's and don'ts to have a great blog which is of benefit to your website readers and the search engine robots who are kind enough to take the time to give you a visit.

Blog Do's

  • DO Keep full control of the blog on your own domain
  • DO use a sub-folder to use for your blog such as
  • DO Keep the blog updated regularly with relevant content to keep the visitors coming back for more
  • DO Write informative posts which visitors will want to read.
  • DO Keep track of all comments posted to your blog, thats if you allow comments and make sure all links are no-followed or removed. Outbound links can harm your website as much or even more than in-coming links.
  • DO Use the rel=author* tag to ensure that Google knows that you own the copyright for the article.
  • DO Look out for the blog posting spammers that will litter your blog with links.If possible disable comments.
  • DO Keep the date the blog post was added, its a great way to see instantly if you are reading relevant content and not outdated information.

* Full information on Google Author ship and how to set it up can be seen at

Blog Don'ts

  • DONT create your blog on a site outside of your own domain, host the blog yourself.
  • DONT use a sub domain such as
  • DONT Use images or clipart for the blog posts unless you know for sure they are copyright free. Using photos etc from Google Images could mean dupe content based on image searches.
  • DONT Write a blog post that is thousands of words long with no punctuation or proper paragraphs. Have a read up on Flesch Kincaid Readability, it will open your eyes and it could well be on off the Google Ranking factors.. who knows!
  • DONT Post or copy any of your blog post text on other websites outside of your domain name and that means Facebook and Twitter as well. Re-write a short paragraph if you want to post to Social sites.
  • DONT Allow anonymous blog comments, the last thing you want it be be a case for a hangout for blog spammers.
  • DONT Enable any RSS or Blog syndication. You don't want your content out there, only on your own blog.

There is nothing worse than visiting a blog to read information and its not relevant or way out of date. If you do start a blog make sure you add content you want visitors to come back, not scare them off. Keep the blog on topic and relevant, if your website happens to be about white paint, keep your blog posts about white paint.

There is plenty of software out here that can be used to create your blog such as Wordpress and Joomla amongst the favourites.

The one you're reading was written by myself so its a unique bit of kit which serves its purpose just right and how I wanted it nice and simple.

You need to find what you are comfortable with, how it will benefit your website and then all thats left is to get blogging!

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