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Company Reliance on Organic SEO Listings

Focusing or putting all your eggs for your company website in one basket by only using organic listings on a search engine is quite simply ludicrous as you are putting your own company and those who work for you or those who sub contract and rely on your for a living at risk.

SEO should be used as as add on to a company to assist in the most from a website in terms of ranking position and increase in sales. Your business strategy should be in place before you embark on a plan to dominate the serps.

Ways to increase your websites popularity and thus rankings is by utilising many other means of advertising such as:

  • Email marketing (probably the most cost effective form of advertising possible, thats if you use your own customer generated mailing list)
  • Competitions and Giveaways (everyone likes something for free)
  • Press Releases (valid press release reasons!)
  • Link Bait Techniques Needs to carefully managed and implemented)
  • Newspaper and Magazine ads
  • Auction and Ebay selling
  • Social media advertising (this really depends on your target audience and market niche)
  • Word of mouth (this is the best and always will be the best method of advertising for any company/website)

There are many more ways that you can market your website and sole reliance on organic listings is not recommended at all. Diversity is the key to establishing your website and protecting your business. Google holds all the cards and gives you free traffic so you can't complain when the free traffic flow stops - no refunds given, its your business, you need to be on the ball and keep ahead of the competition.

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