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Don't believe all the hype you read about ranking a website such as you need blog posting/forum posting/article submissions/directory submissions etc. What worked last year might not work today or tomorrow. Spending £99 to blast a loads of links to your website is a sure fire way to start triggering a few little flags for your website which may result in larger flags being triggered; thus causing your website ranking to drop or even worse as dreaded Google penalty.

You need to build a website brand with trust and build links naturally, however there are certain factors that can assist the improvement of your website ranks without using spam techniques.

Many websites can be fine-turned to comply with all the new relevant webmaster guideline requirements and see increases in their ranking positions without having to have a full audit and a large amount of changes implement. I can tailor a plan so that it meets your requirements and budget.

Remember: No-One can guarantee organic high ranking position returned results long term. (notice No-One in bold!) Quick fixes for your website is not what I, nor my policies are about, I offer a long term solution to gain and maintain a high position on search engines.

Getting a high ranking position and keeping a high ranking position are two separate issues.

Once you have a decent position on a search engine for your website, ongoing work and data analysis is still required to keep your position in the listings. Its not simple a case of getting a good ranking position and expect to keep it forever. Your competitors will be promoting their website and so should you.

Many factrors and signals make up a good ranking for your website and each website will be different depending on its size and target market.

These are a few of the signal factors which I cover:

On Page and Off Factors

  • General Overvall Site Design
  • Meta Titles and Descriptions
  • Image Optimisation and Image File Sizes
  • Alt Image Tag Desriptions
  • Page Speed and Load Times
  • Page Text Ratios
  • H1,H2,H3, H4 tags
  • Website and Page Structure
  • Site Visitor Flow
  • No-Follow and No-Index Recommendations
  • W3W and CSS Compliant
  • Correct Robots.txt Files
  • Correct Sitemap Layout
  • Page Header Status's


  • Inbound Link Quality
  • Un Natural Anchor Link Keywords
  • Dead 404 or Broken Links
  • Multiple Redirect Domains
  • Domain Site Hosting
  • Whois Data Information
  • Google Webmaster Penalties
  • Back Link Profile Clean-up
  • Text and Image Duplicate content
  • Indexed Page Quality (thin content)
  • Advertisement Content
  • Canonical issues (www and none www)
  • 301 Redirects
  • and many more ranking signals ...

As you can see there are many factors that can stipulate a ranking and this is a very short list, some small subtle changes others a bit more in depth. I offer the expertise to be able to manage your website’s SEO and keep it maintained to a high level. Give me a call or email me to see how I can help.